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Apthorp Commons - Soccer Field

Facility Area Information

21 Carleton St.
Littleton, NH 03561

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Please Note:

No glass beverage containers are allowed in the parks.

All trash from scheduled event must be placed in trash receptacles or dumpster at end of event.

Fee Schedule
Regular Fees:        Field usage     $35.00 ½ day.             $50.00 full day.
Tournament Fees: Cost associated with weekend field preparation: equipment, work and time.
Tournament 1 day 2 days Lights*
2 Fields $75 $150 $36
4 Fields $150 $300 $36
* Lights are located on Apthorp; Lights should only be turned on after a 7:00pm start time. PA systems are only allowed until 10:00pm

Non Town of Littleton Parks and Recreation Organizations & Instructional Camp Fees: In accordance of the Town of Littleton resolution relating to use of town park lands:  states that to be considered a Town of Littleton organization, 70% of the registered participants must be from the Town of Littleton.  Necessary charges for any reservations shall be set by the Littleton Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department to reflect the Town’s expense for maintenance for each event and to cover cost for wear and tear on Town property. Instructional recreational use shall pay the Town of Littleton Fifteen (15) percent of collected registrations or $250.00, whichever is less. Non Town of Littleton Parks and Recreation Organizations shall be subjected to higher permit fees as determined by the Parks Commission.

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Apthorp Commons
Soccer Field

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